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North Central Companies is a U.S. corporation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota which specializes in supplying ingredients to the feed, pet food, food processing and chemical industries. It is a privately owned company established in 1984. North Central Companies and related entities have grown to annual sales, in excess of $100,000,000/year. North Central Companies merchandises products including fats and oils, proteins, grains, meats, dairy products and chemicals. In many instances, they will have products further processed and/or packaged which enables them to be a more multi-dimensional company.

North Central Companies’ network of contacts and accounts makes them aware of customer needs and product uses that might escape a more one-dimensional company. By networking, the employees of North Central Companies function as a coordinated team, marketing each ingredient to the appropriate customer and industry. In this manner, the needs of a perspective customer may be completely satisfied by our multi-dimensional approach. North Central Companies has succeeded and grown in a highly competitive market place. They have done this by consistently providing quality service and innovation to better serve their customers. In conjunction with their growth is their belief in strong financial and managerial controls. North Central Companies does not take unnecessary risks to achieve short term rewards while jeopardizing long term stability. The employees of North Central Companies pride themselves on a strong work ethic and a belief in a fair return for all parties. This is the central principle on which their business is conducted.

North Central Companies has aligned itself with other progressive companies that are leaders in their industries. By focusing its resources toward this goal, North Central Companies has developed and maintained strong relationships with a variety of leading companies. Through these alliances, it attempts to develop long term business that is both profitable and responsive to customer needs. It also keeps them abreast of new technology and changes occurring within their industries. North Central Companies offers its suppliers and buyers an experienced marketing team. This team is effective on a national and international level in a wide range of products. With the current costs of training and maintaining purchasing departments and marketing staffs, these services have become increasingly valuable to many companies.

Internet users who are suppliers and buyers of agricultural products and chemicals should find NorthCentralCo.com valuable in assisting them in selling products they manufacture and sourcing products they need. Please make North Central Companies aware of your needs by calling (952) 449-0885, faxing (952) 807-7450, emailing LZilverbergNCC@aol.com, or mailing to 601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 400, Minnetonka, MN 55305.

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