Does Ingredient Sourcing Location Matter?


The short answer–yes, undeniably, yes. There are consumer watch groups spending a fair amount of time alerting the masses on how the food industry limits even this most basic level of transparency: where their ingredients are sourced. Consumers care and what to know how and where their products are made. It goes well beyond understanding the ingredient list on a label–consumers want to know where the products originated, how far they have traveled, and whether they are safe.

In recent years, an environment supportive of the localization of ingredients has come into existence. Consumers don't just want transparency, they are connecting to their social and environmental concerns through their purchasing behaviors. This means that food purchasing is no longer a simple need, it has also become a lifestyle choice. A survey by GlobalData reported that 41% of global consumers are influenced by ethical, environmental, or socially responsible factors when selecting their food.

What’s happening outside of the U.S.?

The want for transparency in the food chain is not only limited to the United States. In Europe, there is even a move to make a country of origin labeling (COOL) required for all food products. A number of food safety concerns with mislabeled and tainted products has shaken consumer confidence in the food supply chain. The COOL initiative aims to rebuild consumer trust through transparency. Consumers believe that buying locally sourced ingredients ensures higher quality and supports local communities.

While the move for more transparency is great, the recent global supply chain issues have caused many companies to consider more local sourcing. North Central Companies has trusted partners in all types of ingredient sourcing, if we don’t already have a trusted supplier for a product you need, we will search out and canvas the country – and if necessary, the world – to find it. That’s our guarantee and has been for over 30 years of us being in business.

Choosing a Reputable Supply Partner

When choosing an ingredient sourcing partner, it’s vital to establish a relationship based on trust. This relationship should be built on more than just whether or not they can provide the right product for a decent price.

From the beginning, it should be a priority to ensure that your values and goals are aligned with those of your ingredient sourcing partner.

Back in the U.S.

More and more consumers are reading labels and selecting products that align with and fit their lifestyles. Locally sourced products are on the rise in consumer popularity.

This has created an opportunity for food companies small and large to build trust with consumers through transparency about their ingredients–specifically regarding sourcing. At North Central Companies, we sell on spec, meaning the documentation we send to you will always be representative of the product you receive. Along with providing CoAs (Certificates of Analysis), you will always know what to expect when working with us.

North Central Companies for Your Ingredient Sourcing

Whether you’re in the food processing, animal feed, or pet food industries, you need a trustworthy partner with comprehensive expertise in your niche market and a broad ingredient portfolio. North Central Companies is that and more for the industries we serve.

Our expert traders have experience sourcing ingredients in just about every industry there is! Give us a call or fill out our contact form today and there’s a great chance we can find exactly what you need.