Hemp protein powder is a plant-based protein source that offers numerous benefits in food formulation.

Hemp protein powder is commonly used as an ingredient in protein supplements, especially those targeting individuals seeking plant-based or vegan options. It can be combined with other plant-based proteins like pea or rice proteins to create a well-rounded amino acid profile. It is a convenient alternative for keto dieters looking for a good source of protein.

It can also be added to baked goods like bread, muffins, and cookies to enhance the protein content while adding a slightly nutty flavor. It makes a popular addition to smoothies and shakes, providing a boost of protein and a creamier texture, and can be combined with fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients to create a nutritious and filling beverage.

Hemp protein powder is also used in the formulation of nutrition and energy bars to increase their protein content and make them more satisfying as a quick and convenient snack option. Manufacturers increasingly turn to this emerging ingredient when creating plant-based dairy alternatives, such as hemp milk and hemp yogurt. 

Hemp protein powder is one of several organic hemp products that North Central provides, the others being:


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