Toasted hemp seeds, packed with protein and essential nutrients, have become an increasingly popular ingredient in prepared foods.

Their versatility, nutritional benefits, and alignment with plant-based food trends make them a favored choice for manufacturers, particularly in the development of:

Toppings: Added to yogurt, salads, and smoothies for a crunchy texture and nutrient boost.

Baked goods: Incorporated in bread, muffins, and granola bars for flavor, texture, and protein.

Supplements: Ground into protein powder for smoothies and protein bars.

Hemp milk: Blended with water to make a nutritious dairy-free alternative.

Snacks: Consumed directly or included in trail mixes or snack bars.

Spreads: Ground to make hemp seed butter, an alternative to traditional nut butter.

Cereals: Used in cereals and granolas for crunch and nutrition.

Oil: Pressed to produce hemp seed oil for salad dressings and low-heat cooking.

Toasted hemp seeds are one of several organic hemp products that North Central provides, the others being:


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